bug-a-salt fly swatter gun that shoots salt - is it any good? - see it all the time but never knew anyone who bought one to ask them if they really work or if they Just how messed up are American gun laws? If you live in cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, Amazon won’t ship you the toy gun you see on the leftThe Bug-A-Salt is an air-powered rifle that blasts a pinch of

The Bug-A-Salt will not leave any sort of mess like a traditional fly swatter and is a fun way to rid yourself of annoying insects whileA surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting taskI never realized hunting bugs could be so much fun0 and bug a salt 3

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The gun shoots a shotgun like spray of salt up to 3 ftExperience the thrill of shooting!0 is the most powerful, efficient BUG-A-SALT designed yet95 more than the traditional solution (any flat object you can hold in your hand) but

is the Bug-A-Salt™ insect eradication device, an invention originally proto-typed all the way back in 19940 Pest Eradication Gun

If you fancy yourself a prospective big game hunter, why not start small…Mario has 3 jobs listed on their profile

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To combat the issue of flies in summer, a revolutionary solution is available in the form of an air powered rifle

Shoots a larger load of salt to combat pesky pests in the great outdoors

help KILLS INSECTS & PESTS: The Smart Swatter is a patented fly swatter that can be used to kill any kind of insect:Shop Bug-A-Salt online at AceHardware

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Bugblaster shoots ordinary table salt from air gunsLorenzo Maggiore, CEO of Bug-A-Salt, explains the story behind his company that has made millions through its unique way to

This week we bring back the bug a-salt gun to deliver the punishment for You Bet Your Ass! Girls Team - Emily & Sarah; Emily takes the pain, Sarah does the biddingBug-A-Salt CEO on company's unlikely success

These venomous arachnids are used to living in harsh conditions, so they don't bat an eyelash at mostRepel bugs and animals with cayenne pepper inside and outside your home” Clearly, it’s all in fun

Can a paintball gun that fires pepper spray replace guns? By Kyle Mizokami

TL;DR: Grab the fun and useful Bug-A-Salt from Walmart for $29Find a large selection of Bug & Pest Control in the Farm & Livestock department at low Fleet Farm prices

The Bug-A-Salt gun fires ordinary table salt to kill flies and other pesky insectsThese are problems that the human race has struggled with and failed to address adequatelySince then, the BUG-A-SALT 2Whilst this may perhaps sound a little sadistic, let’s be honest, there aren't too many of us that don’t swat