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Our MHW Rathalos PS4 Pro Giveaway has ended! The winners are PS4 Rathalos: GMonster Hunter Online is a MMOACT (Massively Multiplayer Online Action game) developed and published by Tencent Games and officially licensed by CapcomMonster Hunter WorldLearn more Some Great Games like Zelda You Can Play

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Capcom and Tencent have teamed up to bring the long dreamed of online iteration of the Monster Hunter series to the global audience

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The combat is too clunky/floaty“There’s obviously one other very good game in the market, but there are not tons like thisAccess to updates and random posts on the progress of development

Become a better hunter with every fight in Monster Hunter: WorldI've been playing Monster Hunter on theExpansive Monster Hunter world – equipment and weapon upgrades, challenging monsters and over 200 quests to tackle make this latest offering the most expansive in the

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There was one announcement, however, that really did shock me despite not even making it into our roundup of the event: Monster Hunter World, a new game coming next yearSimilar to previous games in the series, the player takes the role of a