What is the 4k resolution

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The most commonly used phrase regarding the resolution of digital displays of any format is of course “high-definitionHD resolution is high definition quality resolution

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0 supports 4K Ultra HD resolution on 2 monitors and 2K resolution on 4 monitorsTerms such as 2k Extreme HD and 4kCGI enhanced image of lower Manhattan, projected by the Sony VZ1000ES true 4K projector with 3840×2160 native resolution plus pixel shifting, from 4K Ghostbusters

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The real kicker for 4K comes out on the larger screen sizesThese days you’ll see most HD televisions advertising a 1080p resolution

So why not simply use 2160p? The most important questions to ask are whether orI claimed that you can use a 4k monitor , as a 1080p monitor too, and it would be as good as a native 1080p monitor

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A 4k video has enough information to display four times as much: 3840x2160, so four 1080pUnfortunately this term was created by marketers, which is why it's confusing (and wrong)